Thursday, August 27, 2015


Our recent workshop on short stick techniques covered the basics of striking, countering and self defense using the principles of eagle claw kung fu both empty handed and with a stick.
master benson lee eagle claw kung fu self defense workshop
Master Benson Lee describes the theory behind short stick techniques and application 

Defending against a short stick, as with any attack, requires timing, speed and accuracy. The strategy of Eagle Claw Kung Fu is based on quickly neutralizing an attack through moving, blocking, and disarming or locking the opponent. Below, students practice striking the wrist joint to disarm an attacker.

short stick techniques

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Last weekend was a great time in Las Vegas for the ICMAC tournament. Special thanks to Master Nick Scrima for hosting another successful event in the spirit of friendship through martial arts.

los angeles eagle claw students ready for competition
Our students Armen and Dave before the competition.
Maybe a little nervous?

The Las Vegas Lohan School under Master Steven Baugh always puts on a fantastic show.

Senior Student Bill, Instructor Tav Byerhoff and Student Dave
showing off their smiles.

ICMAC Las Vegas winners
Their hard work paid off, almost sweeping the divisions they competed in,
but most importantly, demonstrating the spirit of the competition:
Friendship through martial arts.