Tuesday, June 14, 2016

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belt test kids kung fu
UPDATE! Congratulations to the kids passing their belt tests last week!


Set your goals! Start focusing your training now, work hard and good luck!





Stance training is an integral part of kung fu. Through stances you develop the strength needed for both forms and self defense. We are hosting a workshop that focuses on the stances from both a form and applications perspective to increase understanding of the fundamentals of kung fu, improve strength and balance and further develop the stance-based-footwork for self defense and sparring. The fee for the workshop is $30, please RSVP ASAP to reserve your position. 




We are offering a form workshop to all yellow and purple belt level students interested in competing in the next tournament. The workshop will be held on Saturday July 16th at noon and will likely last about an hour- hour and a half. This is a great opportunity for your child to learn a new form and prepare for their first competition in mid October. Additionally, while not mandatory, tournament competition offers unique challenges and rewards to every competitor: working towards and achieving a goal,performing under pressure, good sportsmanship, as well as improved forcus and determination. Entry into the workshop is $40 per student and will include follow-up and training up to the tournament including access to training hours reserved only for competitors.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

2015 Tempt One Kung Fu Tournament

While our focus in teaching is to promote the art of Eagle Claw Kung Fu as a student's personal journey: a means for self expression, fitness, self-defense (whatever the motivation might be), we also support students who are interested in competing in tournaments.

Eagle Claw Kung Fu Competition Medals

Ultimately, tournament competition is not about winning medals. Competing is about performing in a new environment, under stress, against other members of the greater martial arts community. Through competing, you develop the skill to focus under pressure - you test yourself and grow from the experience.

There is a common saying that to compete is not to compete against others but against oneself.

What this means is that through the course of competition training you push yourself to higher limits, focusing on details of movement, developing better skills of sparring and more. This type of focused training pushes you to try harder, to work harder and to do better. These aspects of tournament training make you an all around better martial artist and this carries over to other aspects of your daily life. While competing is by no means mandatory as a martial student, it definitely has its rewards.

One tournament that we compete in annually is the Temp One Competition put on by our friend Master Ron Quan of the East Wind Kung Fu School in Downtown LA. This tournament raises funds and support for ALS awareness and it's steadily drawing some of the best competitors in the region. Here are a few of our performances from the event.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015



We are running a limited time Groupon promotion! This is an excellent opportunity to learn and practice Traditional Northern Eagle Claw Kung Fu!

For a limited time our Groupon offer will allow you to experience our Kung Fu Fit Classes on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6PM, Tai Chi on Tuesdays at 7PM as well as our Beginning Kung Fu Class on Thursdays at 6PM. 

Drop in rates for 'non-enrolled students' is typically $20 per class however this promotion allows you to participate in 6 classes for just $49.

kung fu kicking los angeles  
a few of our students practicing jump kicks

Our Kung Fu Fit Classes combine calisthenics and kung fu to develop holistic fitness and mobility. They are a challenge for all levels and introduce you to many unique movements in kung fu.
ying jow pai eagle claw los angeles
group drilling exercises developing strong stances and striking

Our Beginner Kung Fu class will expose you to the basics of kung fu footwork and striking as well as basic applications for self defense. It is an excellent introduction to kung fu in a constructive learning environment.

These classes will give you a good head-start on your kung fu training if you are interested in continuing your practice after the deal is up! 

See the website for more information about these classes and contact us before buying in if you have any questions!

This promotion can only be redeemed once per person and is valid only for the times listed above.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Our recent workshop on short stick techniques covered the basics of striking, countering and self defense using the principles of eagle claw kung fu both empty handed and with a stick.
master benson lee eagle claw kung fu self defense workshop
Master Benson Lee describes the theory behind short stick techniques and application 

Defending against a short stick, as with any attack, requires timing, speed and accuracy. The strategy of Eagle Claw Kung Fu is based on quickly neutralizing an attack through moving, blocking, and disarming or locking the opponent. Below, students practice striking the wrist joint to disarm an attacker.

short stick techniques

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Last weekend was a great time in Las Vegas for the ICMAC tournament. Special thanks to Master Nick Scrima for hosting another successful event in the spirit of friendship through martial arts.

los angeles eagle claw students ready for competition
Our students Armen and Dave before the competition.
Maybe a little nervous?

The Las Vegas Lohan School under Master Steven Baugh always puts on a fantastic show.

Senior Student Bill, Instructor Tav Byerhoff and Student Dave
showing off their smiles.

ICMAC Las Vegas winners
Their hard work paid off, almost sweeping the divisions they competed in,
but most importantly, demonstrating the spirit of the competition:
Friendship through martial arts. 

Monday, July 20, 2015


Here are some pictures from last weeks knife defense workshop.

ying jow pai knife defense workshop
Student Michael Martin practicing knife defense redirection with instructor Tav Byerhoff

Students learned basic concepts of knife defense and knife awareness as well as several techniques to defend against a knife attack. Thanks to all the students for their participation!

Ying Jow Pai Knife Defense
Master Benson Lee correcting lock positions for knife defense
eagle claw kung fu knife techniques
Sifu Mary Melliza of the Sacramento Eagle Claw School
practices knife defense with students

knife defense workshop
Master Lee discussing the dangers and strategies of knife defense with students