Wednesday, September 16, 2015



We are running a limited time Groupon promotion! This is an excellent opportunity to learn and practice Traditional Northern Eagle Claw Kung Fu!

For a limited time our Groupon offer will allow you to experience our Kung Fu Fit Classes on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6PM, Tai Chi on Tuesdays at 7PM as well as our Beginning Kung Fu Class on Thursdays at 6PM. 

Drop in rates for 'non-enrolled students' is typically $20 per class however this promotion allows you to participate in 6 classes for just $49.

kung fu kicking los angeles  
a few of our students practicing jump kicks

Our Kung Fu Fit Classes combine calisthenics and kung fu to develop holistic fitness and mobility. They are a challenge for all levels and introduce you to many unique movements in kung fu.
ying jow pai eagle claw los angeles
group drilling exercises developing strong stances and striking

Our Beginner Kung Fu class will expose you to the basics of kung fu footwork and striking as well as basic applications for self defense. It is an excellent introduction to kung fu in a constructive learning environment.

These classes will give you a good head-start on your kung fu training if you are interested in continuing your practice after the deal is up! 

See the website for more information about these classes and contact us before buying in if you have any questions!

This promotion can only be redeemed once per person and is valid only for the times listed above.